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Our approach is completely positive, individually tailored, focuses on building skills and on keeping children motivated to learn.


Learning Intervention

The International Dyslexia Association estimates that as many as 15 to 20 percent of people have some symptoms of dyslexia, In fact, of the 13 or 14 percent of school age children who have a condition that qualifies them as special needs children, 85 percent of them, have a primary learning disability in reading and language processing. We are passionate about reading and we believe every child can and should be an avid reader, which is why we are fully committed to working with children with learning challenges and developing strategies to help them succeed.

We offer specialized tutoring in Phonics, Literacy & Language Arts and our intervention approach is:

  • To identify the child’s area(s) of limitation by direct and indirect assessments, observations and tests.
  • To assist the child become an independent learner and develop a positive approach to learning
  • To provide the proper framework to enable the child reach a higher level of competence.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Intervention Services

 Our Behavior and Education Consultants provide evidence-based treatment based on the principles of applied behavioral analysis (ABA), in order to identify individualized goals to support skill acquisition and address challenging behaviors, develop learning activities and support individuals with autism in a variety of settings.

  • Short Term Consultation: Can include problem focused parent coaching or school consultations.
  • Parent Coaching: Consultants work with parents to implement ABA-based techniques in the home.
  • Client-Focused Skills Coaching: Consultants work directly with the client on specific identified skills
  • o Intensive In-school ABA Program: Individualized school program supervision and training, provision of school shadows.
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Advocacy & Training


        This course is meant to fulfill the ABAT certification’s 40-hour training requirement. Trainees will view videos, complete exercises and checklists, and pass tests. Before getting a certificate of completion, trainees must take and pass one practice examination and one written examination at the end of the course.

The Qualified Applied Behavior Analysis Credentialing Board (QABA®) is an internationally-accredited credentialing agency dedicated to ensuring the highest standard of care among professionals providing applied behavioral analysis (ABA) services for individuals with autism spectrum disorders and related disabilities.

For more information about the ABAT credential, please visit the QABA Board website: https://qababoard.com/aba-technician-credential/

  • Training and Seminars on Learning and behavioural/Developmental challenges
  • Special Needs Advisory Services
  • Creating awareness and public enlightenment
  • Advocating for educational and school modifications and establishment and enforcement of appropriate laws and regulation for special needs children
  • Training for early childhood and primary school educators on –
  • The Common Core Standards of Effective Literacy Teaching for Early childhood and primary school,
  • Differentiated Instruction

Saturday & Holiday Activities

  1. Reading Club – Phonics, Reading Challenge Creative writing, Discussion Groups, Spelling and Vocabulary, Debate & Public Speaking
  2. Life skills – Baking, Cooking, Arts and Crafts, Sewing
  3. Etiquette and Manners
  4. Fun Activities – Excursions, Movies, Picnics etc


    • To help the children develop an appreciation and a love for learning
    • Improve their reading and vocabulary and help them become confident readers – Because everything changes when we read.
    • To stimulate young minds and help build self-esteem and confidence.
    • To help the children develop and appreciate their talents.
    • To teach the children life skills, self-defense and discipline.
    • To teach the children respect for others and property; and help develop proper comportment and manners.

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